October 13, 2010

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Today the only thing on my schedule was the bi-weekly writing group, so I stayed home in the morning listening to gospel music and watching Tweeter listen to it and chirp sometimes.  He is especially curious when I sing or clap my hands and move to the music.  I saw a video of a parrot who bobbed his head in time to music and even picked up his feet like he was dancing.  I think a parakeet could do that too, but Tweeter hasn’t made such efforts yet.  He also does not respond to me calling his voice yet either, even though I almost always call he name when I hear him tweet, or chirp.  I shared the poem I wrote about him with the group today.  They all liked it.

While I was at the Cultural Center, I saw on their sign that a dance video program was going to be a 6:00 PM, so after I got something to eat I decided to come back and stay for that.  I did not know that the movie actually would not start until 7:00 PM or I may have changed my mind.  At 6:00  they were having a reception.  There was cheese and crackers, snack mix,cookies, grapes, apple cider and bottled water.  I ate cheese and crackers and cookies and had the cider.  That woke me up, because as I was sitting in the Publishers Gallery trying to read while I waited for the time to pass, I was beginning to fall asleep.  The videos were interesting.  I am glad there was a description of them in the programs because they were telling stories, but I would not have been able to understand the stories without the descriptions. They were rather strange with special camera effects and some were done to new age music.  I say that what is being called dance today is more acrobatics and this was definately like that.


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