October 12, 2010

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There was nothing on my schedule for today except a prayer time at church tonight, so I did a large load of laundry.  I will still have another large load to catch up on. 

Pastor had said last night that we would do another neighborhood walk tonight since the weather was so warm yesterday, but tonight it was foggy and cooler, so we went inside to pray.  I came out late when they were praying outside and when I got across the street I did not see them.  Pastor was unlocking the front door and I asked where everyone went so quickly because one time I caught up with them on the walk and I expected to do so tonight, but he said they decided to hold the prayer inside so no one would be catching a cold and blaming it on him.

While we were all praying individually, he walked around and prayed for each of us and anointed us with oil.  He also prayed for the people of the community.  When our prayers stopped, he shared a Bible passage with us and we held hands, shared prayer requests and closed in prayer.

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