October 11, 2010

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Today was the Lord’s Day, (or once again I am really writing about yesterday now).  Most of it was spent in church.  Our Sunday school lesson was about marriage but First Lady, who was teaching it made it applicable to single women by reminding us that we are married to Christ.

Pastor preached about God restoring our dreams and visions and many people came up for prayer.  The kitchen is open again, so I ate at church and then came home for a rest.  What was our 4:00 PM service is now at 7:00 PM on the second and last Sunday of the month, so pastor had a chance to go home and take a nap today.

At the evening service, two of the boys in the church wanted to sing for us.  First one sang by himself and then the other boy sang with him.  The second boy quit after one song but the first boy wanted to singer another song and a third boy sang part of it with him.

We had testimonies and the choir sang two songs. We then had two ministers from the church give sermonettes.  The first man is our youth director.  He was very boisterous and worked up a serious sweat.  The second, who is the pastor’s son, was much quieter, (unlike his father) and said he only gets wet hands when he is nervous.  Both gave fine inspiring messages.  The first was about brushing off the residue of sin in our lives that hinder our walk with the Lord.  The second was about how Jesus who created us also bought us back from Satan so we are “Twice the Lord’s.”  He told how when the Israelites were slaves their nearest kinsman could redeem them and Jesus did that for us.


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