October 9, 2010

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This morning (yesterday morning to be technical about it) I did not get to the Morning Glory worship service of the council meeting.  I did, however get there for the first seminar and lunch with a continuation of the same subject after lunch like yesterday.  Then there was another general session and a dinner.  There was a long time between the 4:00 PM dinner and the 6:00 PM business meeting.  I went outside and sat there enjoying the nice sunshine and mild weather for awhile.  The trees are turning red now and looked so pretty, but as usual here in the city the leaves are falling as soon as they change so we don’t have long to appreciate them.

Our services were really good today.  I especially liked the afternoon speaker.  He talked about how God does not always tell us why He wants us to do things He asks us to do because, we are not ready to understand them, but we are expected to obey in faith.  He will tell us only as much as we need to know at each step.  It is okay to admit that we don’t know the what, where, when, why and how’s of what God calls us to do as long as we do what we do know.


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