October 8, 2010

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Well, I did use my bus card after all.  I received no response to my call about whether the bus was going and at what time, so I took buses myself.  When I got there no one else from our church was there and I was early.  The brochure said it started at 10 AM but they sad it was a misprint and they started at 11.  That was fine for me.  I did not miss any of it except that I went to register a the beginning of the Morning Glory worship.  I was back before the minister spoke though.  All I missed was a lot of noise as people praised God in their own way.

I was there for the entire day.  Lunch and dinner are included in the registration.  The General worship services were very good and I went to a seminar on The End Times, which was continued after lunch.  The beliefs the speaker and the Pentecostal church espoused conflict with a book I have been reading, which I am more inclined to believe, but the handouts he had were interesting and explained a lot of things most Christians are confused about.

I went to the business meeting of the Singles ministry after dinner.  That was when I was told by someone that the pastor’s daughter was there.  I had not seen any of our people at dinner even and I thought I would find them there.  During the Singles business meeting there was a General Business meeting which Pastor went to and his daughter, another woman from church and I waited for it to end.  Our session with the Singles ended earlier. 

Pastor’s wife came later for the final worship service and she drove me home.  It was about 10:30 when I got home.  I went online for awhile but before I knew it, it was after 12 AM.  I had not done the blog entry but I was extremely tired so I just went to bed.  That is why I am doing this entry now.  I will be going to the council again today and spending the day there again, so my next entry will probably be tomorrow.

Oh, did I mention that I wrote a poem about Tweeter?  I did it with the melody of the song “Willow Weep for Me” in my mind.  This is a special honor for Tweeter, because none of my other birds had poems written for or about them and the ones I wrote for and about my cats were done when they were ill or after one died.


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