October 7, 2010

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Today was the opening of the three-day District Council that my church belongs to and I had forgotten to pay attention to that.  The play was occupying all of my time and attention last week and I did not go to church because of it either.  Pastor saw my yesterday and said he missed me on Sunday and that he was going to come and see the play and I should have reminded him, but he did not remind me of the council meeting.

I went downtown in the afternoon to take the Tai Chi class, had something to eat and came home.  A little before 7PM I got my Bible and went downstairs to go to church.  It was locked with no lights on and I wondered if I had mistaken my days.  I came up and looked at the calendar and saw that it was Wednesday.  I went back down but realized that no one was coming and came back up again, (I got my exercise today).  I then realized that they must have been having a service at another church tonight and I didn’t hear them announce it Sunday.  I then looked for a bulletin with a monthly schedule.  I found the one with the District Council schedule and noticed that it began today.  I would have gone if I had remembered.

I just bought a 3 day bus card too because I was anticipating going to the writing groups and chorus this week.  Now, however I will attend the rest of these sessions and probably ride the church van to and from there.  I can go by public transportation but I would need to take three buses.  I don’t mind in the morning so much, but I would not come home alone that way.  I could go out there by buses and use the bus card and jut get a ride back but when I did that at the last council meeting, which was closer, I had a hard time finding our people there.  If I go with them, we can stay together better.


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