September 22, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not do my journal entry this morning because I had to be downtown for an early play rehearsal again.  After the rehearsal, I ate lunch and then went to a Poetry Coffee House at the Cultural Center in the Studio Theater.  Small round tables were set up with plastic table clothes and small candles in jars on each table.  Most of the poets reading were from our Brown Bag Poets group and one of them, who was on the program, did not come.  I had heard the poems that the people in our group read before, but I didn’t mind hearing them again. There were a couple of people I did not know and two guests on the program as well.

The guests were a guitar player, who played classical Spanish guitar music, and a poet who read several of her poems, sometimes with the guitar player accompanying her even though they had not worked together before.  We were served cookies (the more expensive type) and coffee.  It was a nice program they charged $2.00 for, but it was not well attended.  
I have not done any other writing yet today, but I hope to before I go to sleep tonight, if I don’t wind up staying up till early morning again.  I had a cup of coffee, a cherry coke and a decaf coffee, so I am pretty wired up.  I still have not finished reading the book I have to review yet either. 

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