September 19, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not return the DVD’s of Ran yesterday because I remembered before I left to come go downtown that the library would be closing and with all I had scheduled i would not get there in time.  Fortunately I was able to renew them again.
This morning I did a long journal entry, praying about a multiple murder and a tragic car accident that killed a young father to be, who sacrificed himself by swerving his car so he took the impact of the head on crash that was coming.  His wife and unborn child survived as a result of his quick thinking and action, but will have to go one without him in their lives now.  I cried when I heard that story on Yahoo and the story about the murders on Michael Savage yesterday.  
The murders were especially disturbing because police who had responded to the call for help stayed in their police cars and did not go into the house while the victims were being tortured and killed.  They did not get help for the father who managed to get out, but was beaten and bound.  They did not even cut him loose, nor did they call the fire department when the house was set on fire.  They just waited to catch the murders coming out.  As terrible as this was, I prayed that the father will not become bitter toward the police and I prayed for all of those who will be effected by this crime, including those who committed it.  I asked that God would make His will known when they are brought to trial because He is the only one who can know what a fair judgment should be.                 
After releasing my emotions about these news stories, I went down to RC for another play rehearsal.  We only got through the first part today though because we were having our pictures taken and that took up part of the time we had to rehearsal.  Tuesday we will do the second part of the play.
Today we had more of the props and set we will be using including two small desks and chairs.  It helps to have them on the stage so we know how we have to work around them.  There is also a prop of a piece of wall with a cut out square and what was to be a picture frame around it, which is now being used to represent a window and not a picture where the figure in the picture talks.
After the rehearsal, I took the DVD’s back to the library, (but not to the one I took them out at).  I got more to view.  This evening I went online to read emails, played some Scrabble games and then watched TV.  I caught Back to the Future II near the end and watched, (or I should say more listened to) Back to the Future III.  I was trying to work some crossword puzzles at the same time.  My attention span is like people complain about kids today, I find it difficult to sit and watch something straight through and with all of the commercial breaks on TV, I am used to having my attention on something else at that time.  When I put on a DVD, I have to remind myself there are no commercials and if I need to do something else I have to pause or stop it.


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