September 18, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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The movie that was being shown today at RC was District 9.  I was not really sure what to expect from it since so few science fiction movies have been made lately and I did not like the remake of War of the Worlds or the movie Avatar. This one, however, I did enjoy. It was different from most sci-fi movies even though it did have elements of an old plot. It was pretty politically oriented too. 

After the movie there was a discussion group which I stayed for even though I do not answer the questions the woman leading it asks. I like listening to what other people say about what they got out of the films. Sometimes a person will bring up something that it reminds them of that most of us were not very familiar with and we learn something new. This is particularly true when the movies deal with prejudice and genocide and there are people in the group whose families experienced such treatment.

Our chorus rehearsal was after the discussion. Tim did a lot of talking and we did not do a lot of singing, but we did go over the chorus from the opera Nabuko and a fun song. Carol brought desserts that were left over from our party last week, so we had snacks.

When the chorus rehearsal ended, I had a short break before the play rehearsal, or what the director called a speed reading. We just did our lines straight through in order without being interrupted and told to repeat, but when one of us forgot or missed a line that was given to us. Tomorrow we will rehearsal with the props and will have our pictures taken for the poster they make advertising the play.

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