September 17, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today I did begin the morning with a journal entry before I went downtown for the two writing groups.  I shared yesterday’s blog entry with the journal writing group and another poem I wrote for a contest on  The comments made on that poem were positive with the exception of the last stanza.  Some liked it but others were not convinced it was a good ending.  As usual, they were right.  This is the part of the poem that gave me the most trouble and I am the least satisfied with.  I think I will have to try a new stanza, or at least replacing a couple of the lines.

A group called Urban Explorers met today too.  This group was formed to share information on events going on around Chicago that are free or inexpensive. Those of us who choose to attend such events and do not want to go alone with be able to contact one or more people in the group and set up dates with them. Some of the group had gone to the recent Jazz Festival together and others went to one in Geneva, Illinois.  Since we aren’t all interested in the same things and live in neighborhoods all across the city, it is pretty unlikely that all of us will ever attend the same function together.  I think there were about 30 of us.  But, because we do come from all over, as I said, and many events are only publicized in the neighborhoods where they are being held, it is good to hear about them. Virtually all of them can be reached by public transportation, for those of us who don’t drive.  The only problem there is that they are often pretty late at night and I won’t go past the loop in the evening.  I would have to be with a group and preferably with someone who drives and could drive me home.
When I got home tonight, I listened to Michael Savage on the radio while I looked at emails.  Then I watched the end of the Japanese movie Ran and part of an interview with the director.  That was starting to get boring though, so I shut it off.  At least I will be able to return these three DVD’s on time.  Luckily I was able to renew them, so they are due back tomorrow.  

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