September 15, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I did not take time to do my usual journal entry with the Bible study because we had an early play rehearsal scheduled.  We did not start at the time we were supposed to because some of the staff, including the director were held up in traffic.  There were two big conventions going on I heard.  When we did start the rehearsal, it went well.  We pretty much have the lines memorized now and just need a little prompting now and then and some tweaking of voice projection and body movements.  We are able to go through the entire play though now, but the director stops us when she wants to have us repeat lines she did not hear or she felt we did not deliver well.  That tends to throw off those who have long monologues and depend on cues from their fellow actors to get their lines.  When they are stopped in the middle, they forget the next part.

After the play rehearsal I had lunch and went to the bi-weekly writing group Write Right.  I shared with them what I wrote about my dream and some people found it confusing and thought I was writing about both dreams, so I had better explain the other one now. 
I am not sure what order they were in, but in the second dream, Mom and I had tickets to go on a cruise.  We were running late, but she said we did not have to worry because she canceled it.  We went to the pier anyway and were enjoying carnival rides and entertainment.  Then she, or I said we had better go and make new reservations for another cruise.  We went to the ticket ticket booth and were told that because we missed the cruise they could not rebook us on another one nor refund our money.  They did not have a record that we had canceled.  I asked Mom about it and she said she had told a friend who was to do it.  I guess if there was one common message in the two dreams it was to do things for yourself and not trust others to do it for you.


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