September 11, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning, the movie at Renaissance Court was Tyler Perry’s "Why Did I Get Married?"  From the title I expected one of those dumb comedies, but when I saw that it was one of his, I knew it would have a good message.  I like the way he portrays Blacks as being the good, Christian educated middle-class people many of them are.  Not all Blacks live in housing projects and off welfare or illegal activities.  Many are also involved in churches, sometimes to the neglect of their families.  
This movie was about four married couples who go on a marriage retreat in the Bahamas.  All of them are having difficulties with their marriages which they are trying to keep hidden, except for one that argues all of the time.  The movie showed a lot of what often comes between a husband and wife, but I felt that it was unfavorably hard on the women.  Maybe Mr. Perry was tired of men getting all of the blame and decided it was time to show the other side.  The felt long and did not have a neat, happy ending.  It did provide a lot to think about though and would be good to show in a marriage class.  It fits my theme "It’s Never Too Late!" to save a marriage.
After the movie I waited for chorus rehearsal.  Tim did a lot of talking today and we did not do very much singing.  Tomorrow we are having our picnic though and we will do a song fest then, of songs that the chorus has done and some just popular songs we grew up with.  It is always fun.  


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