September 9, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I think I said that I did my journal entry yesterday morning, but I didn’t.  A am sorry I accidentally lied. That is one of the hazards of growing older.  Our memories get confused easily.  I did do it today. however, and I was writing about things that I thought I would do.  Before I did that though, I had begun moving things in my bedroom, putting away some clean underwear and getting ready to my sheets away and change my bedding.  While I was doing that I looked in a bag on the floor and found a pair of jeans I forgot I had bought and haven’t worn yet.  That is one of the exciting discoveries disorganized people make regularly.  This was a good time too because all of my other pairs of jeans need to be washed.  I never wore jeans when I was working except I bought some for jean day at Filene’s Basement.  Now that I am retired, I wear them more often.  When I was growing up they were only to do dirty work and play in, not for everyday wear and even dress occasions like they are now and I still don’t know when that started.
As far as doing the things I wrote that I was going to do, I did not do any of them.  I did fast today.  Our church recommends a fast from arising in the morning to 4:00 pm on Monday, when we do the neighborhood walk and Wednesday, when we have Bible study.  I had done that a couple of times, drinking water, (which pastor said we were also supposed to do without unless we could not for medical reasons), but I had not done is consistently and this morning, when I got up late I did not think of eating as I began to go through those things I mentioned.  Then I purposely decided to carry out the fast and see if I could do without water too this time.  I succeeded to my surprise.
Pastor did the Bible study on the Power of the Blood.  Using several Scripture passages, beginning with Leviticus 17:10, he showed how a blood sacrifice was required before Jesus came to atone for the sins of the people.  Then, using New Testament verses, he showed that when Jesus died on the cross for us, His blood gave us 1.  Atonement, 2.  Redemption and 3.  Cleansing from sin.  We were redeemed and cleansed from All sin as the verses say.
Choir rehearsal for the women followed.  It was a good one.  The one woman who has the solo was there tonight, but the other lead singer for the other song was not.  I am looking forward to good services on Sunday and hearing women speakers.


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