September 6, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I did my journal writing before going to Sunday school.  Our lesson there was on who God is and described Him as our creator and savior.  At the service, the choir sang "Worthy is the Lamb," but I can’t remember the second one.  I don’t usually forget something like that.  It must be one Satan doesn’t like.  I keep thinking of "I Am Sold Out," but I know that wasn’t it.

Today was communication Sunday and as we came up to get the elements, we were anointed with oil.  My friend came again but she left before we were dismissed.  The pastor’s message was from Revelation 12:11 and he called it "Pleading the Blood of Jesus."  He spoke about how the blood of Jesus still works and will never lose it’s power as one of the songs we sing says.  The blood of Jesus has the power to save, heal, and take care of any of our needs, but we have to know how to claim it.
We had two baptisms today, a young man and an adult man.  A woman came up to say she wanted to join the church too.  It is so good to see people respond to the gospel message every Sunday.  That is what should be happening in all churches.  But, many do not even give an invitation.  It is expected that if anyone does want to know the Lord, they will speak to the pastor privately, or so it on their own. 
There is nothing wrong with that, but it is much more encouraging to the Body of Christ to see public responses.  It also keeps people who make such a confession more likely to adhere to it, because we never want to let others know we fail.  They know people will be watching them.  We are to be aware when brothers and sisters are struggling and help them grow stronger.

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