September 5, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning when I woke up I was in a writing mood. I thought I would stay in all day and write. I did the journal entry and asked for focus on what of many ideas I should write about. I felt strongly that I was to do a Happy Tenth Birthday WDC acrostic poem, for one of the contesst on so I began with that.

I then got an urge to go donate some things. I took a bag of stuffed animals I did not have a strong attachment to and was ready to get rid of; old eyeglasses, and a few other items.  I got on a bus and rode to the commercial district in the adjoining neighborhood. I left the eyeglasses at an optical store and the stuffed animals and a few other items at a thrift shop.  It may sound silly, but I prayed that the stuffed animals will find new homes with children who will appreciate them more than I did. Then I went to the post office to mail something to a friend.

I was thinking that perhaps I would get downtown by 2:00 PM to see the International film from Japan, but I also had an urge to eat at McDonald’s. By that time I would have no way to get downtown on time, so I went to the library.  That was part of my original intention before I thought about the movie. I used the computer for a short while and took out some DVD’s.

Oh, one interesting thing happened this morning. As I was walking to the bus stop, I found a $1.00 in the street I was crossing. There was no one around that could have just dropped it, so I had no guilt about keeping it and considered it a reward from God for doing a good deed.

If He was rewarding me, Satan was trying to do just the opposite though. My big toe on one foot started bothering me from the time I began walking. I was avoiding putting my weight on it and limping all day. I had no problem with my feet hurting me yesterday and no clue that I would have. It was a sudden pain. I soaked and pampered my feet when I got home and I don’t think I’ll have that problem tomorrow. They feel better now.

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