September 3, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This day was a busy one for me. I did begin it by doing my journal though.  Then, I went to the two writing groups.   My poem did get some disagreement, which I expected.  I said some positive things about God and some people had negative images of Him or did not believe in God at all and think man created Him and not He us.  I don’t understand how anyone could not believe in some creative force beyond our comprehension.  I also do not understand how anyone could believe that there is no life of any kind after death.  We have no comprehension of never having existed, how can we comprehend that we will cease to exist?  I can’t.  And as far as belief in God, even if one doubts Jesus dying for our sins, I would feel safer attempting to believe the teachings of the Christian church, than risk going to hell even if I wasn’t convinced of it’s reality.  You know the saying,  "Better safe than sorry."
After my writing groups, our theater group had a reading of the play.  We were expecting to use the stage and be able to "block" it but the room was being used for another meeting again, so we gathered at tables in the large open area and read through the play.  At first it was hard because the room was pretty crowded today at that time and included another group of people at tables near us.  They were pretty loud, but they left before we finished.
I made a quick trip to the library to return a DVD due tomorrow so I would be sure to not have another overdue fine.  I paid $18.00 recently on overdue DVD’s, (the library charges $2.00 a day for them).  I thought three were due one day after they really were and one other one I had neglected to renew after I watched it because I thought I was going to return it before it was due.  I renewed the others.  I did not get the DVD  returned because I thought I had renewed it along with the others, but I hadn’t so it was 6 days late.
Tonight our choir went to a sister church not far from us for their 42nd Anniversary celebration.  Other churches in the district were invited too.  We were supposed to sing two songs, but only did one.  The choir from one of the other churches where the speaking minister was from took our spot and did more than one song.  We still had a good time worshiping God together and got to see the inside of the new church they have built.  It is not fully finished inside yet, so they did not have the service but they have the pews and carpeting in and it is humongous.  The sanctuary of their current church was crowded tonight.


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