August 28, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I haven’t eaten supper yet but I want to get this done before I forget about it or get too tired.  This morning I went downtown to the Cultural Center for the movie they show at the senior center.  Today was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  I know that some ministers would be against Christians seeing those movies because they are about witchcraft and sorcery, but I was never bothered by that.  To me it was the same as fairy tales and it does show a battle between good and evil, which is real.  I thought I had seen all of the movies before this one, but I may have missed one because I didn’t get all that was going on this time.  But, maybe it just wasn’t as well made.  I thought this was to be the last of the Harry Potter books and movies but the ending to the movie was incomplete leaving an opening for another film.  It was a bad way to end the series, which I do think has outlived it’s effect.  Other than special effects, this film had nothing going going for it.

Our chorus rehearsed in the afternoon, and the assistant to the director, passed out papers about a party we will have at her house on September 11.  I wonder how somber a mood people will be in remembering what took place on that date.  Someone who was very superstitious would not hold such an event on tht date, but we do have to be thankful that we are still alive and go on living as we think of those who were the victims of that tragic event  We will probably have a moment of silent prayer for the families and friends who will never be able to fully recover.  Maybe we will sing a song in their honor too, because we will be singing.  I don’t know if Tim would have one in mind for them..


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