August 27, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I woke up early so I did do some journal writing before I had to leave to go to the writing groups.  I had a stuffy nose and began blowing it and sneezing but it was not getting clear.  I wrote that i would have to take allergy medicine before I left.  As soon as I did, my nose cleared.  I felt that it was God’s way of saying "Come to me first.  You don’t have to depend on drugs."  I only use over the counter stuff except for blood pressure medicine, and I only take it when my symptoms are really bad, but I did not think about praying first.  I always had the idea that such things were too insignificant to bother God with.
The Apostolic church I joined strongly believes in prayer as being a way to change events and I am beginning to see more results to mine since I have been a member there.  Even this was an example.  You know I saw a tee shirt advertised that said "When All Else Fails, Read the Instructions."  On it was a picture of the Bible.  I always felt that was backwards.  It is what we usually do, but not what we should do.  If we read the instructions first, and followed them, we would not get into the messes. 
I went to the writing groups.  At journal writing, I shared my blog entry from yesterday.  I did not have a poem for the poetry group though.  I had jotted down a couple of acrostic ideas, (the quickest and easiest for me to write when pressed for time) on the bus on my way down, but I am not totally satisfied with them and did not have them typed up to copy and hand out.  I did show them to one member of the group before our meeting and he told me which one he thought was the best, so I may use it next week.  I was not the only one who did not have a poem today so our leader shared a couple and we got out early.
I had lunch and at 3:00 PM our cast met to rehearsal the play.  We did not go over each part and every line because the first hour was taken up with the director going over the rehearsal schedule and telling us what changes were being made.  Some people go there late but everyone did show up.  She had each person go over a key section of the play on stage and is giving us some blocking  instructions (movements for those not familiar with stage lingo) now.  We also got a new ending to the play and a few other new lines where a scene had been modified and some words needed to be changed to make it fit the rest of the script.


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