August 22, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning there was another play rehearsal scheduled, but we were not able to use the theater because some other meeting was going on in there, so we just read through the play.  We were also missing a couple of cast members and had to skip those parts.  The author of the play, Win’s son, had come to hear us and will be writing a new ending for it.

I did not stay downtown for the movie this afternoon because we were having the revival from 12 to 4:00 pm and then a service at 7:00 pm.  I came in at about 1:00 pm I think.  Ronald McDonald was just finishing up talking to the kids, (it was all for them this afternoon).  There was a combination of puppet ministry and praise dance from a church in Homewood, I believe, who put on a very nice presentation.  The puppets were large hand puppets, like the Muppets and the puppeteers were behind a black drape.  The puppets had on choir robes and were  pretending to be singing to a gospel tape while the dancers, in black, danced in front of the drape.  While the puppets were singing, others held up signs to go with the song lyrics.  They would pop up and down and wave from side to side with the music. Then we had hot dogs, or hamburgers, for lunch. They ran out of chips before the adults got to eat.  A Jumping Jack was blown up and the kids played in that and each one got a bag with some candy and little toy appropriate for their age.  That ended at 4:00 pm so Pastor and the adults who were working with the kids could get some rest before the evening service.
At the evening service, we had two groups of men singers, one from Hazelcrest  and another from a church on Indianapolis Boulevard here in Chicago.  Both were very good.  I did use my ear plugs and was able to hear them just about right.  Pastor gave a short talk from Revelation about Jesus knocking at the door and if we open the door, He will come in and sup with us.  When the invitation was given, one woman responded.  Others came forward to be prayed for.  I got a strong hug from the woman sitting next to me and she prayed for me. 

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