August 19, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not have any activity scheduled for today other than Bible study I could have gone to at noon, but since there is also one at 7:00 pm I decided I would only go to that one.  So, in the morning I began to sort through some clothes and items cluttering my hallway.  I could only do a little.  I was handling things that haven’t been moved for years and stirred up many dust mites.  I am allergic to them, so soon I was sneezing and my eyes were watering.  I made piles of things in another location and don’t know where to put them.  That got me discouraged, so I had to quit.  One good thing did come from it though.  I found things I didn’t know I had.  I often find them at a time when I need them.  I once saw a slogan about disorganized people always making exciting discoveries and that is true when we get around to straightening things out.  The bad part is that I make new piles of stuff that I don’t know what to do with and get too frustrated to continue.

This evening I went to the Bible study and Pastor was talking about the sower and the soil.  We have been sowing God’s Word as we go out on Monday and he does it all of th time when he is around the church.  He told us to be ready to reap the results at our revival meetings Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We are expecting to have many people come to the Lord and be baptized. 
The choir practiced after the Bible study and even though I did bring ear plugs tonight, I did not need them.  The new music director is teaching to choir to sing more quietly with feeling and crescendo when he directs us to, so I was not bothered by their singing like I was before.  I have been to rehearsals enough times now that First Lady said I can sing with them on Friday night and on Sunday.  Saturday we have guest choirs but have to be prepared to sing if they are unable to come at the last minute.  The choir will be going to several other churches to sing in September.  

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