August 17, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today in the Word Religion class the subject was Taoism.  When the leader was explaining their practice of meditation one gentleman said that he had tried various meditation exercises and not had any success with them.  I also have not been able to do them as taught.  I can’t stop my mind from thinking or I get so relaxed that I fall asleep, as I almost did today when she had us practice it.  She did say that it often takes years to be able to do it well.  All of the Eastern religions have some form of this, but in the West, we never learned it as a part of our religious experience unless one was a monk or a nun.  Maybe priests and ministers do it privately, but they seldom talk about it or teach it.  They would take it as what Jesus said about praying to God in secret and not to be seen of men.

After the class, I got some lunch and went to our director’s apartment, along with the other lady I partner with in the play, for another rehearsal.  We also talked about adding more gestures to our speaking, but since we were not in the larger stage space and have not memorized all of the lines yet, we could not do them fully.  Win, the director, said that her son, who wrote the play will be coming to our rehearsal on Saturday.  He is going to create a new ending for it, but she said he wants to see how it looks and sounds first.
When we finished the rehearsal, I came back downtown and caught a bus home.  I thought I may miss the evangelism walk because it was after 6:00 pm when I got back.  That is the time they are supposed to start.  They were still outside the church though, so I came up, put on my red Labor of Love tee shirt and joined them.  We had a large group out and the most people joining our prayer circle since we began doing it this summer.  It was really good to see so many people responding.  
On Friday night, we will begin our tent revival and we expect to have many people turn out that night, Saturday, and/or Sunday.  I prayed about that this morning, that God would prepare people to receive the Word and give us a loving spirit with one another that will be evident to those who come because as Jesus said people will know we are followers of His by our love.

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