August 16, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did journal this morning before going to church and I got a new thought to delve into for an article.  It needs time to gel in my mind before I will be able to write it.  We had one combined Sunday school class today because the woman who was to teach was late.  One of the men taught the class which had more men than women.  The lesson was about what constitutes the true church.

It pointed out that God did not intend for His church to be divided up into all of the denominations we have now.  It was men who caused that to happen, buying positions of authority and making up their own doctrines by picking and choosing Bible passages that suit their needs.  But, those who believe the doctrine taught by Jesus and the apostles and have the Holy Spirit in their lives are the real church, no matter what denominational church we attend.  We can worship and work together for God.
The Pastor gave a message from Ezekiel 47 about his vision of the water, first ankle deep, then knee deep, then waist deep and finally to deep to cross.  He said that represents the Holy Spirit.  When we first get saved we are ankle deep in the Lord and still mostly living the way of the world and some people stay there and make a mess, but if we step on we get deeper into God and less into self.  Finally, if we go all the way and are swimming in His will but can’t make it to shore, God will take us to the other side.
We had a family baptized today, a father, mother and daughter.  That is exciting that they will be together in their spiritual walk and the father will be able to lead them, as God planned.  When men take their proper roles as heads of the family, it makes a big difference not only to the family but to the church family and everyone that family come into connect with.  Men and boys will have more respect for a man telling them about the Lord and listen to him more than to a woman.  That doesn’t mean we are inferior, it is simply the natural order God created.

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