August 15, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I went downtown for a play rehearsal again.  I now know most of the lines in our first entrance of the play and the other lady and I were doing ours without the script, but now we have to start putting more body language into it rather than just standing still on stage.  The director gave us some gestures she wants us to do but she also asks us to think of our own.
After we finished that, we went outside to warm us.  The air conditioning in the Cultural Center is usually quite low and we always need sweaters or jackets and if we are in in very long even that doesn’t help much.  I sat on the steps and read and did crossword puzzles.  The other lady had brought a light lunch and sat at a table the cafe put out for customers.  At 1:30 we went up to the second floor for the International film.
Today’s film was from Italy called "Don’t Think About It!"  I was about a punk rocker who’s not very successful going back to his hometown for a visit.  The family has all kinds of problems and he tries to help solve them. It goes into each family member’s problems so it is not a smoothly connected story except that they are all related and interact with one another as families do, sometimes making matters worse instead of better.


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