August 13, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I did my journal writing and I wrote a poem.  I had prayed that I would have one to share with the poetry group today and I got a simple acrostic of the word content.  The devotional was on the verses where Paul says he has learned how to be content in any circumstance in his life.  That gave me the inspiration for the poem.

So, today I shared about my friend’s baptism with the journal writing group and I had the poem for the poetry group.  It had been a few weeks since I had written a poem.  I did not really think it was a very deep one but the others in the group were impressed with it and said I had a lot of "content" about how to be content in a few words, as least how I felt I could be content.  As I have said before, several in the group are not of any religious persuasion and are atheistic and others believe in a higher power but not in any church doctrine.
That was the extent of my day.  When I came home, I did nothing productive.  I’ve just been doing my best to stay as comfortable as possible with no air conditioning.  My neighbor across the hall who works for the landlord, said he has units he is not using and would put one in my bedroom for me, but my apartment is so full of junk no one can come in to do anything.  I keep intending to do more to clean it up, but then I go out and do other things and am too tired and hot to do any work around here when I am home.  I can survive the rest of the summer without one, and when winter comes I will be wearing sweaters and sweat shirts and bearing with the cold.


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