August 12, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning I did not journal. A got ready to visit my Aunt. She is 80 years old and the only survivor of my mother’s immediate family of 7 siblings. My mother was the eldest and she is the youngest. We had a nice visit. I brought my netbook and showed her my story in the online magazine and some "Today’s Funny Stuff" that I thought were the best of the ones I had seen. We also played a game of Scrabble, which I won. Usually she does.

After I left there I came back home and had just enough time to put my stuff down, get my Bible and go across the street for Bible study. After a time of prayer requests and testimonies, pastor shared verses about going out into the world to witness for the Lord, again.

I stayed for choir rehearsal too. We were given a sheet with words to a song that some of the choir knew in part, but was new to me.  After doing warm up exercises, we began learning it. This new music director is really good. He took each part and had us go over it several times until we were all hitting the right notes. He had the altos do it individually and corrected those who were having trouble getting the right note. He also told us he will be giving us a quiz next week and be auditioning us individually to be sure we are singing the right parts. I know I am not a high soprano, but they have many altos. I think I can work on hitting the high notes better than the low alto ones. 

This music director will have five choirs to work with, pastor said. We have the Sanctuary choir of men and women, which I joined. There is a men’s choir, a youth choir for the teens or pre-teen and teens, and the Sunshine choir of the younger children, but that’s only four. I don’t know if there is a women’s choir too. That must be the fifth, unless the Praise Team is the other one.  Did I mention that there were about 20 children in the Sunshine choir?  There are 12 to 15 adults in the Sanctuary choir


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