August 3, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I remembered to go to the class on World Religions this morning.  I had missed the first one last week.  I got the handouts for that class which had been on Christianity.  Today the instructor was talking more about philosophers than any religion and they were people I hadn’t heard of, or did not remember hearing about.  I was tired too because since I took the nap yesterday, I could not go to bed at a decent time.  I was up till about 3 AM I think.  Anyway, I was halfway falling asleep during her talk.

A friend, and I had lunch together, sharing a bourbon chicken meal and a DQ (Dairy Queen) sundae.  Then I added money to my bus card and came home.  I looked over my mail, all junk (except for Ladies Home Journal), talked to another friend on the phone and attempted to complete some of the New York Times puzzles,  I could not get any further with them and some I only need a couple of words to finish.  
I was listening to the Michael Savage program on WIND.  He had a substitute host on, but the program was still good.  I like the host today.  He allowed people calling in than Mr. Savage does.  Mr. Savage sometimes gets rude and cuts them off if they have a different view than his.  When he agrees with the callers he sometimes goes into his opinion and does not give the other person a chance to make any other remarks.  He has cut them off while they were trying to say something.  I know he can’t have one or two callers taking all of the time on the show, but I would like to hear more from them sometimes and not just Michael Savage’s views.
While I was listening to him I did not pay close attention to the time.  The neighborhood march was tonight.  I was thinking it started at 7:00 PM, because we did often start late, but tonight I heard them singing before I got downstairs.  I saw them at the end of the block and caught up with them.  We walked down several blocks singing, passing out tracts and flyers about the church, praying for those who asked for prayer and anointing the corners with oil and praying for the community as is the custom every Monday night.  We passed a couple of men selling snow cones and one of the women bought some for the children who were with us and for Pastor’s wife.  One of the older young ladies did not want one that was bought for her, so they gave it to me.

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