August 1, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today was the Labor of Love Picnic.  I went over too early in the morning because I did not know what time they were planning to begin. They were going to play games and not just eat, so I thought it would start early and last till early evening.  Before I left, I mentioned that I was going there to a friend I was talking to on the phone and she invited herself.
At 2 PM they were cooking and setting up food but still waiting for more people to get there with other food items.  My friend found us when I was getting my picture drawn by a caricature artist.  She got hers done too.
We did not start eating until 5:00 PM and those of us who had been there all day were really hungry.  There was grilled chicken, ribs, sausage, hamburgers and hot dogs with side dishes of green beans cooked with potatoes with or without ham, spaghetti, macaroni salad, potato salad, baked beans and garlic bread.  It was all delicious and worth waiting for, as I heard one person remark.
The kids played several games and some went in the lake.  A few adults tried a three legged race.  Earlier in the day, some of the men shot baskets.  There were going to be other games, but I did not stay for them.  My friend was ready to leave and she drove me home.  I could have easily walked, like I did to get there, but I decided to take the ride.
We had a good location across from the field house with several trees.  It was a comfortable temperature, better than what we had a few days ago, and although it was somewhat cloudy and looked like it could rain soon at one time, it did not.  It was ideal picnic weather. 

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