July 27, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Well, today, for a change, I stuck to my plan.  i did my journal and wrote in it what I wanted to do today, as I usual.  I said I wanted to take a large bag of clothes I had shrunk out of, (not outgrown). to one of those boxes where they collect clothing donations.  It is next to a Popeye’s down the street from me, so I said to myself that I would stop in there for lunch.  When I got back I was going to work on my ICL lesson.  I forgot about a course on World Religions I had signed up for and, when my phone began ringing the reminder, it was too late to get there.  I don’t remember how many sessions there will be, but I do hate to miss the first of anything.

So, I read the material telling what the requirements for the lesson are and i began retyping my story incorporating the suggestions the instructor made the last time.  I have been so busy on it, I did not eat another meal this evening.  I talked to my friend for awhile, but otherwise I have been at this assignment all afternoon and evening.  When I saw how late it was I realized that I need to get the blog done, so I stopped trying to make a Dummy Sheet for the story.  I can’t get it the way I want on my computer so I will have to do it freehand, but I traced the boxes on the sample sheet they had in the book.
I believe I forgot to mention the men’s choir which sang at church yesterday.  There were 10 men and 4 boys.  When was the last time you heard 10 men sing together and how long has it been since you saw 10 men involved in one church that is not a mega church?  That really impresses me.  If we can get men grounded in the Word and setting the example in their families as they are supposed to do, then we can put a stop to many of the problems we have in our society.

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