July 25, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning there was a very severe thunderstorm going on when I woke up.  I thought it would be sure to keep maybe half of the people who were auditioning for the play from returning.  The rain stopped though and most of use showed up.  We all took a turn reading parts again.  At first only one man was there so he had to keep reading the male lead, while each woman got to take a turn reading the part of his assistant.  I don’t expect to get that role, but I am pretty sure I could get a smaller part of a security or delivery person.  Win has started considering various people for parts, but that lead female character is tricky.  Each of us had a different reading of her and Win is not sure yet which she prefers.  She has to be comical, but not in an obvious way, and she has to be smart too.
Anyway, now we have to wait for a call from her or one of her helpers, to know if we are to come in next Friday.  She said she will let us know either way.  It would be difficult for me to cast a play or program and it would be hard for me to turn people away.  I would always worry about their feelings being hurt and them being discouraged from ever wanting to make such a venture again, because that is how I would have responded at one time.  I think it would be hard to be responsible for making any hiring, or firing decisions, especially the later.  I would not want to be in such a position.  It is hard enough for me to take responsibility for myself, I would not want to be responsible, (or feet that I was) for anyone else.  I know that the other person would be responsible for how they respond to being hired, promoted, demoted, or fired, but people are too quick to blame anyone else, but themselves, for their misfortunes. 
I am able to take rejection as an impartial decision by the other party now.  It is still disappointing when it was something I wanted badly and looked forward to, but I know now that being turned down does not belittle me.  It just means that I was not the best person for what were limited openings with an abundance of applicants.  Also, people can choose someone they think is the best candidate and regret their decision later. They may feel that they made a mistake, (we are all human and do make mistakes).  Someone else may have suited the job or role better, but they have to be fair to the one they picked and work with that person.
Oh, before I forget, since this is supposed to be about my writing, I need to tell you that I submitted some poems to a magazine I heard about through SCBWI.  They were even willing to take ones that I have posted online.  They will make their decision about what poems they want to include by mid September according to the email I got confirming my submission.  I hate having to wait that long, but if I keep busy the time will go by quickly and I will be in for a nice surprise if they do accept any of my poems.  I believe my Smory will be online then too.
That is a program in which children are recorded as they read stories.  There is no payment, but I will get to see a boy or girl read my story "Bring on the Food Fight."  I look forward to that.  I got the information about them from the ICL newsletter.  Belonging to writing organizations and subscribing to writing magazines and newsletters does help me locate possible markets for my material.  I would never have heard about these opportunities otherwise.


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