June 30, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning, I did my journal writing and got a few more good writing ideas to develop. Then I worked some more on a short story I am in the process of rewriting. When I had spent a couple of hours at that, I took a break for lunch and to play some scrabble games on Pogo.

Then, I went to start cleaning out the hallway. I should feel good about getting rid of any clutter, but it seems like I take one pile apart to sort it and wind up with about four piles I don’t know what to do with and eventually have to stack them on each other to get them out of my way. Meanwhile, it looks like I made a bigger mess.

I got some papers bagged up and put into a Styrofoam box I was also planning to get rid of and took another break. Then, I decided I needed to get that stuff out of the apartment, so I wouldn’t keep looking at it and I took it down to the dumpster. I couldn’t bring myself to clean up the rest of the mess, however.

One of the best parts about trying to clean out all of the unnecessary stuff I have accumulated is that in doing so, I always find things I had hidden away and forgotten about. I found perfumes and makeups and other items that were given to me for Christmas years ago, which I have never used. I also found a card that still had money in it, and that is always a blessing when I need it. So, rather than concentrating on what still needs to be done, I need to tell myself that what I did was worthwhile. I hope I can keep the motivation going. 


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