June 29, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not write this morning or this afternoon. I went to Sunday school and church service, stayed for the meal and the afternoon service, which they hold on the third and fourth Sunday’s of the month.

This morning the pastor gave a talk on getting ready for A Ridiculous Blessing. He used the passage in Luke 5 where Jesus gets into Simon’s boat and tells them to go out. He preaches to the crowd on the shore from the boat. Then he tells them to go out into the deep water and let down their nets. Simon thinks it’s a "ridiculous" idea. They had been out fishing all night and caught nothing and the fish would not be there during the day, but he did as Jesus said. They were blessed with such a "ridiculous" catch their nets began to tear and they had to call their partners to come and help get the fish to shore. Pastor Williams said we need to be ready to obey requests God may make of us that might sound "ridiculous", but if we do, we will be blessed in a "ridiculous" manner. He gave an altar call and most of the church went up to say they wanted such a blessing from God and he laid hands on each one. We also had one man come forward to give his life to the Lord and one woman got baptized.

At the afternoon service, we had a time for testimony after the worship team opened the service with a song, prayer and Scripture reading. I was asked if I would do the reading and Psalm 23 was suggested. I had to share my testimony how just the day before that had been the passage in the meditation I was reading and I tried to recite it from memory but was forgetting verses. I had known this since I was a child and I never seemed to forget it until then. When I checked out what I was missing it was "he leadeth me in paths of righteous for his name’s sake. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." I remembered what pastor had said about how Satan and fears and hates the name of the Lord, so I knew he did not want me to use it and he wanted to keep me in fear, so he had me forget the part about I will fear no evil. I thanked God that he was trying to make me forget that because it meant I was using it more than ever before. 

Pastor Williams spoke from Mark 3:1-6 about the man with the withered hand. Jesus told him to stretch forth his hand and when he did that he was healed. We have to be willing to stretch ourselves out of our areas of comfort, or past what is blocking us to receive healing from the Lord. 

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