June 29, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I am doing this entry early tonight so I have time to write my journal entries which I did not do yesterday or this morning. Today, I went downtown to return a book and DVD, pay $5.00 in fines I owed and renew some that were due tomorrow.

On my way home, the bus I got on developed a steering problem just outside the Loop, so we had to get off and get on the next bus, which was fortunately very close. When it got to one block from the end of the route it was rear ended by a mini van or pick up truck, I couldn’t quite tell which it was, but the driver went around the bus and kept going with it’s front side smashed in and the bumper left in the street. Two men were in it.

I filled out the card for the driver to report the accident. There were only two passengers on the bus at the time. I walked the extra block home. I got back just as the members of the church were preparing to go on the march. I had put on my red Labor of Love tee shirt this morning because I was planning to join them. I put my stuff down and went back out.

This time, rather than staying on 79th Street, the busiest and most commercial street in the area, we went down a side street that had been having a problem with gangs, where we often hear shooting, and I found out why it is so bad. There is a large four or five story apartment building, which is boarded up, as well as some two story and single family homes that are also boarded up. It was easy to see where people had gained entrance into them for whatever activities were going on there.

We came back on another block which has a blue police light at the corner and were praying with anyone we saw who desired to have prayer with us. One was a young woman who had been caught in gang fire and was shot in the stomach. One of our members lives on that block and had brought her up to the church for prayer. Pastor Williams had visited with her before today, because he told us who she was.


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