June 27, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I almost missed doing this blog entry.  I was in bed reading and would have turned out the light and gone to sleep but I remembered that I hadn’t done this yet.  If I had tried to go sleep with it on my mind I either would have been unable to relax or I would wake up too early or frequently during the morning.  
I was reading the writing book I bought.  As I said, I have not learned anything new about myself yet, but it helped me understand how I discovered what I did about myself and if I had such a book years ago, I may have learned what I now know much earlier.
The writing exercises are interesting.  She poses questions about our writing desires, motivations, etc. and asks that we answer the questions from our dominant and non-dominant hand and compare the answers.  I cannot write legibly with my right hand at all.  I can really admire those who right equally well with either hand, or at least almost as well, (certainly legible) with both.  Some great writers had that ability.  I know it takes practice.  I wonder if I can teach myself to do it.


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