June 25, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I thought about doing a blog entry this morning (technically yesterday morning since it is after midnight now) when I realized that I had not done it the night before, but all I would have had to report was that I had not gone out or done any writing again.

I was in bed and about ready to turn off the light and go to sleep when I remembered I had not blogged yet, so I got up to do this. I still did not go out today, (yesterday) but I was feeling much better.

I was feeling so much better, in fact, that I wrote a long journal entry, got an idea for another essay and typed up a poem I finished last night.  It is TRIPLE ABC’s of MAN and GOD. Each line uses at least three words starting with it’s letter of the alphabet which is why I call it TRIPLE ABC’s.  I posted it on 

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