June 21, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Today I did get to church even though when I woke up I did not feel very much better and I thought maybe I would skip Sunday school and just go to church, but I got there for Sunday school too.  I was to meet with other new members in a class conducted by Pastor Williams.  He told us the story of how the church had gotten the building and that it is owned by the members, so we should are responsible to  help take care of it.
He gave another very meaningful sermon that most pastors never touch.  Using an Old Testament passage, he told the story David told King Saul before he fought the giant Goliath about how a lion attacked the flock of sheep he was caring for and took one of the lambs.  David said he went after the lion and killed it and got the lamb back.
Pastor said that Satan comes after the people who come to church and draws them back out into the world.  When that happens, we should not say there is nothing we can do about it, we need to go after the enemy and bring the people back into the church.  I have never heard a sermon like that preached before.  Most churches simply write off such people as not being ready.
After church, I came home and took a long nap.  Tonight I watched the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith.  It was a very good film and something worth thinking about.  
I’m not coughing much now and when I do, little phlegm comes up so the cold has pretty much run it’s course.  Now I can concentrate on trying to speed up the healing of the sore under my nose and I should be in a better writing mood. 


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