June 19, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I have another confirmation that the decision I made to change churches was God’s will.  The enemy has attacked me with a this cold which is the worst I have had in many years.  He has kept me from attending Bible study, twice, and now tonight there was a special women’s program I was looking forward to and am missing.  It is breaking up though, so I do not doubt that I will be at church on Sunday.  He won’t keep me from that.

God was with me today.  I went downtown for the movie at the Renaissance Court at the Cultural Center, (they showed Crazy Heart(s) I don’t remember if that was plural), and the chorus rehearsal.  It was nice and sunny and warm when I left and I had not listened to or watched the weather forecast, so I did not even bring an umbrella, just a sweater and a sun hat.
After the rehearsal, Carol invited me to have coffee with Tim, herself and some of the other ladies.  They do that regularly but I am usually anxious to get home and unless I am asked feel I would be intruding if I just hung around.  Since she asked today, and offered to get me a coffee, I did not refuse.  It was while we were snacking that a terrible storm came through the Loop.  
When I was ready to leave it was over, with just a little light rain, and that too stopped.  On the bus ride back, which was slower than usual because traffic was backed up, I saw the damage that had been done.  Tree branches were all over and in some places whole trees had been pulled out of the ground.  I thanked God I was not outside or on a bus when that was going on.
My stomach was upset from getting on the bus too soon after drinking the coffee and I had to get off, get a bottle of water and catch another bus before I made it home, but I arrived safely.  When I got in, I began coughing and spitting up a lot of phlegm, which is how I know the cold  is about over.  So, even though I am not at the church service, God was good to me today.   He is every day, even if I don’t always notice it.

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