June 18, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I had not remembered that I did not update my blog, until the other site I have it on sent me a reminder that I had not.  Yesterday, I was not feeling well and I did not even go across the street to church for the Bible study, so I did not have anything to write about.  All I felt like doing was sleeping.  I could not even read without dozing off.  I went to bed early.  Today my nose was a lot better but I was coughing up the phlegm in my throat and still haven’t gotten rid of it all.  I did not go out again.  I figured if one day of rest solved the nose problem, another would take care of the throat and I do want to go to chorus practice tomorrow, the last before the date of our concert.  I’m trusting that I will be able to sing. 

I believe it was this morning that I typed up my most recent religious essay, because I was feeling better.  It is about being The Body of Christ, but I have not posted it on any online site.  I may try to find a publisher for it.  It is longer than most of my essays have been.  
I have not done any more work on my story for ICL, because I do not have the material for lesson 4 yet.  There was a delay in them sending it, because I had not paid for a couple of months.  I settled that by charging the full amount for the course, which is what I had done on all of the others I took.  That was a sure way to make myself finish the course to get my money’s worth.  Anyway, it is possible the material came to the business address of the landlord, but they did not call me like they usually do.  I will find out when I go to pay my next rent.   

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