June 16, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I have not been feeling well today. The chill I got last night weakened my immune system and I have been sniffling, sneezing and blowing my runny noise all day. My throat also has phlegm in in from the sniffling I’ve been doing and my voice is scratchy.

I did not feel too bad to go on a tour that I had scheduled with the senior center though. We took a bus to the Oriental Institute, where we were given a tour. My favorite exhibits are still the 42 ton flying bull with the Assyrian king’s face and the 6 ton statue of King Tut. It has always fascinated me to see these artifacts from over 4000 years ago, collaborating what the Bible told us about these civilizations.

From there we went to an African restaurant Yassa. The owners are Senegalese. The food was more spicy hot than I am used to, but not so hot I could not eat it, and I enjoyed it. The portions were so generous that I believe everyone in our group had take outs, unless they did not like the food. The restaurant was featured on Check Please and I see why they all agreed that it was good. It is only one straight bus ride from where I live and I have been wanting to go there since I saw that program, but I was hesitant to go alone as the neighborhood is African American and I am Caucasian and would stand out.

Where I live is also African American, but I have lived in it longer than they have, so I still consider it my neighborhood and they are used to seeing me. Those around Yassa are not. Now that I have sampled the food there, though, I will consider going back when I have the money to treat myself to a nice meal.

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