June 15, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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There’s not much to say about today.  I did my journal writing and then went to get a nice breakfast and visit my bank, so I could have money for things like laundry, (which I am very much behind on), that will not let me use a debit or credit card.  After I did that though, I stopped at a grocery store, (something else I had been putting off), and I bought some meat, vegetables and fruit.  

I went through some papers and tried to make a dent in cleaning out the mess in my hallway, but did not get very far with it.  Except for the little I do get bagged for garbage, I just make more stacks of stuff and move them somewhere else.  It seems like I will never get that under control.  Maybe that is the "thorn in my flesh" to keep me from becoming too prideful.

Tonight, a group of us from church went on the march through the neighborhood.  It was colder outside than I realized and I went over with just the Labor of Love tee shirt over another short sleaved shirt, but I did not want to go back across the street and up three flights of stairs to get a jacket, so I went ahead and walked as I was.  I did get really chilled, but I was glad to be out in the community witnessing for Jesus.


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