June 14, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning, I did my journal and went to Labor of Love church.  I was not sure how they took in members when I went forward last week, but this week I was listed as a new member in the bulletin, so other than having to be baptized, which I was many years ago, the other only requirement seems to be that you express a desire to join.  There is a class for new members that pastor said will meet three times to explain the beliefs of the church and answer questions and give us contacts for emergencies, etc.
The pastor gave a good message titled "Stop Complaining."  As he said, we do too much complaining, when we should be remembering that God is in control of all that happens to us and if we make Him our priority in our life, He favors us and we have nothing to complain about.  He will see to it that we have what we need and if we don’t have as much as we would like it is because we are not using what we have the way God wants.  As our stewardship improves, He will entrust us with greater responsibility. There were three baptisms today, a man, a woman, and her young daughter.
I did not return to the Printers Row Lit Fest today because there was an afternoon service at church.  So, I stayed for that.  The praise team led us in prayer and song and we shared testimonies.  The choir sang and pastor gave a message about how God changes our lives when we allow the Holy Ghost to take control of us.  He said there should be visible differences in us that will be evident to the people we come in contact with and attract them to want what we have.
The church has been drawing visitors regularly and we need to be able to discern between those who are seeking to have a relationship with God and those who are demon possessed and there to try to divide the church and damage its effectiveness.    


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