June 12, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Sometimes I feel like I should not be bothering to keep up this blog daily, because so many of my entries are saying I did not do any writing with the exception of the journal I keep and the entry for the blog.  But, that is the reason I started it.  I need to remind myself of how much, or how little, writing I do each day.  I have to figure out what my pattern is, or if I am procrastinating.  The discipline of doing at least this much writing reminds me that I am capable of doing it every day.  So, if you read this, I hope you do not get tired of me saying how I was not writing.

Maybe my other activities will interest you, like the chorus I am in and our upcoming concert.  Today we put the music  in the order in which we will sing them and went through most of them from start to finish.  The pianist was with us again and Tim, the director, played parts of the music on a recorder.  They did not play the full instrumental sections, but we have a better idea of what it will be like.  As one woman said, it was our best rehearsal.  It is about time too, because we only have one more before the concert date, (we will go over some pieces before the audience is allowed in on the 25th).  I have a surprise in store for everyone but Tim and Carol, his assistant.  It has not gone as I had hoped, but I will make it up as I go on the day of the concert.  I’ll tell you about that after it is over.

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