June 11, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I don’t have any news to report today.  I did get another idea for something I will write about eventually, but I did not write anything to post today, nor did I work on my stories.

I had a short doctor’s visit this morning, just to find out that the medicine he prescribed for my high blood pressure is working.  Then I went to the two writing groups.  I shared one of my blog entries about going to Labor of Love for the first time and my decision to change churches with the journal writing group. 
I shared a religious poem with the poetry group.  While there are people in that group who are somewhat spiritual, most are admitted agnostics if not atheists, but they do not mock my beliefs and they tell me when my writing is at it’s best.  There was one section of the poem that received the most criticism and I can see what they were saying about it.  I don’t think the poem would lose anything if I take that part out.

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