June 10, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning, I drafted the essay I had outlined and at noon I went across the street to Labor of Love for the Bible study.  Pastor Williams shared verses about the Holy Ghost again and gave his testimony about how he received the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues without having come from any church background. He said, he did not know what had happened to him and was skeptical about it until he witnessed it happen to someone else.  I am pretty sure he was sharing this for my benefit, because my church background did not practice or believe in speaking in tongues.  

We were taught it was a one time event for the apostles and is not an active spiritual gift today.  But that does not make much sense to have one spiritual gift no longer being given and yet the rest still are.  Our ministers did not say that it never occurs, but, like all spiritual gifts, it is only given to a select few who God choses to receive it and is not a proof of having the Holy Ghost in our life as this church believes.  We were taught that all who believe are indwelt with the Holy Ghost when they are saved. 
I was using the name Holy Spirit when I referred to the third part of the Trinity, because that was preferred in my other two churches, but this one uses the old King James name for Him, so I am going back to that too.  I also am going to do more of my Bible reading from that version.  I always did find it easier to memorize verses from it because it was not my usual language and I find that often, as I read that version, a word stands out that was given a different meaning in the newer translations, but has more impact in the older version.  The verses I am familiar with, but used to seeing now in other versions, suddenly take on a new meaning to me when I go back and read it in the KJV version again.  I know why the very strict fundamental churches will not use any other translation.
After the Bible study, I headed downtown to the orientation meeting for the Printers Row Lit Fest volunteers.  This Saturday I will be there, helping wherever they send me.  That means I won’t get a chance to hear some of the authors I would like to be able to meet, unless I can catch one on a lunch break. I know that a children’s book author, whose name I often see mentioned in things I read for and about writers, will be there in the morning.  She is the person who I would be the most interested in seeing in person.  But, I may still have a chance to see her.  She may have a need that they will send me to help with.  But, regardless, I know I will enjoy being there and helping out. 

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