June 8, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Last week I received an IRS audit notice for my return for 2008.  I had it prepared by H & R Block, so I called the number for their year round office to ask what I needed to do and they set me up an appointment today.  The same person who did the return was working in the office, and I was going to see her, if she had time.
She began to look at my return while another customer was on hold on the phone and then she had to finish up with that customer.  While she was doing that, I looked at the information the IRS sent me, which was total nonsense.  They were claiming that I had not reported interest and dividend income that was reported to them by the financial institutions.  I had the copy of the return which clearly showed that they were reported.  They even said no amounts were filled in on two lines when they were.  
When the tax preparer checked out that we had what they were showing reported to them, she called the IRS to see what we needed to do.  After a very long hold, someone finally came on the line, talked to me first and then to her.  As she was explaining that the items were reported, the IRS agent did not see them on their record and the AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) was nowhere near what I reported.  The IRS agent said she had never seen a case like that and told the H & R Block tax preparer to fax the return she e-filed to then and that I could expect to hear from them in a month.  I had been given till July 1 to respond to their mail with either an acceptance and payment of what they said I owned or a disagreement with their finding and proof of my claim.
When that was taken came of, I went downtown to pick up a prescription refill and return DVD’s to the library.  The clerk did not tell me I had a book overdue, I found that out when  I looked up my account after I was denied  computer access.  At least it was only a book overdue, the fines for overdue DVD’s are much higher.
From there I came back home and went across the street for the Labor of Love Apostolic Church’s neighborhood march.  On Monday nights now, through the summer, we will walk the sidewalks in the area singing spiritual songs, passing out tracts, anointing corners, praying for them and for anyone who is willing to join us and ask for prayer  I heard that some of the people who are now members of the church were reached that way.  We will also be holding services on vacant lots and have the one big tent revival on the parking lot, which they do every summer.  Anyone who reads this and believes in the power of prayer, please pray with us for many souls to be won and the crime in the neighborhood to stop.


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