June 7, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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There’s not a lot for me to say about today, so this will be a short entry.  I did a little journaling when I woke up and then got ready for church.  Since I was going to the one across the street, and not the one on the East Side, I had more time to prepare.  The Sunday school lesson was about how God breathed life into His Word, as He did in Adam, and how we live through getting fresh breath from Him daily, through His Word.  It was a good lesson.

This was communion Sunday, so I found out the system they use for communion and took it with them.  The choir sang a very moving song about how nobody can do, and be, for us like Him.  The Scripture printed in the bulletin was I Corin. 13, which we did read, but pastor preached on God being a jealous God, who does not want us to make anyone, or any thing, more important in our lives than Him.  He shared the story of how when the Arc of the Covenant had been captured by the enemy of Israel and put in their temple, the false God that they worshiped fell down.  When they put it back up, it fell again until the people finally realized that the God of Israel, who was with the Arc, was responsible and they released it.  God broke their false God and He will destroy whatever we put over Him in our lives.
After church, I went down to Millennium Park for Gospel Fest.  I don’t know who I heard but there was a choir I really liked.  I stayed there for a couple of hours until it began to rain.  I had not gone prepared with an umbrella or other rain gear, so I left and took the bus home.  Tonight I watched the movie Artificial Intelligence, which I had not seen when it came out.  It was pretty thought provoking and I could see it causing a lively debate among scientists and theologians.  I wonder if God would ever let us get so far that we can create such a robot.  I think He would draw the line and say that’s enough before we got ourselves into that much trouble, but maybe not.  I do know that if we ever do get that advanced with our technology there will be serious consequences we will regret. Didn’t I say this would be a short entry?  I had a felling that it would end up longer than I thought it would be. 

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