June 5, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not do any writing beyond my journal so far today, but I don’t want to be up till early morning doing this blog, so I am going to do it now.  By tomorrow, I expect I will be able to tell you I wrote something because I want to spend writing tonight before I go to bed.

The only things I have done today were the photography class and chorus rehearsal.  
We had a young woman, who will be playing piano for our concert, play for some of our numbers today.  We really need to be directed on them, and it is going to be better with Tim doing that.  I thought she played too loud and they were going faster than we had been practicing, but Tim will also be working with her and the other musicians who he wants to play for us so they can get it together. With the instruments, they can also drown out some of our mistakes.  
We don’t have much rehearsal time left.  The concert is June 25.  It is interesting though how one can be doing badly in practice and then on the day of the performance everything turns out much better at the last minute.  I can’t explain that, but I have witnessed it often.
The same thing often happens with my writing.  I can be thinking and thinking about how to write something and maybe even try it a few times and not like it and then suddenly I get just the right words, or at least they sound right to me.  I know it has to do with our frame of mind.  When we worry, we are no good, but if we relax, then God can take over for us. The more in tune we are to the spiritual realm, the less we have to rewrite.  

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