June 3, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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This morning, in my devotional reading, I received a new insight into a verse of Scripture that gave me further confirmation thatI am being led by the Holy Spirit to unite with another church.  I will be writing about my understanding of the verse for one of the writing forums.  I wrote two book reviews for Chilcren’s Literature too.
The rest of my day was taken up with the church.  I went to a noon Bible study and there were eight people with the Pastor, two men and women of various ages.  Pastor gave a message about the Holy Spirit, or they still call Him the Holy Ghost, and how Jesus had promised to send Him to the disciples after He returned to heaven, so they would have power to be His witnesses.  He shared many passages of Scripture, it was not a study of one Bible passage as I thought it would be.  But, again it was what I needed to hear.
I talked with the pastor for some time and he encouraged me to come back to the 7:00 PM Bible Study and listen to the choir rehearse after that.  He also said they served food before the Bible study.  I went to Church’s Chicken and got some lunch and came home.  I talked with my friend on the phone for awhile and then I went over to the church.
They had more than twice the number of people at the evening service which did not surprise me.  They began with prayer requests and testimonies, which is something that the last two churches I had attended had stopped doing and I feel this is crucial to our spiritual growth.  The pastor did talk about the Holy Ghost again and used some of the same verses, but did not present it in the same way, so it was not boring.  I shared with him my blog entry of May 30, my first experience with the church and what I felt the Lord was telling me.  The choir was very inspiring and when I become a member, I look forward to joining them.
Tomorrow I am mailing a copy of that blog entry to Pastor Zaki with a note requesting a letter of transfer from him.  When he reads the blog page he will know that it is not for personal reasons that I am making the request and I have no negative feelings toward him.  I will continue to hold him in high regard and pray for him and the church and I expect that he will pray for me as well  I also plan to keep him informed about my involvement with Labor of Love and my writing career efforts.

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