June 2, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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For some strange reason, unknown to me, I have often been confusing Tuesday and Thursdays lately. I do belong to one writing group that meets every other Tuesday, but I keep thinking the two that I go to on Thursday meet on Tuesday. This morning that happened to me. I got material ready to share with the two groups, got ready, went to pay my rent for the month and picked up a piece of mail I had been waiting for from the writing course instructor, Pegi Shea, with comments on the story draft I submitted.

I went downtown and realized that it was the wrong date. The person who leads the groups that does meet on Tuesday was there, because she coaches seniors who need help using the computer, and she gave me a large bottle of peanuts someone had given her. I then went to the library. I had one DVD to return and when I checked my record I found out that another one, I had not watched yet, was due today too, so I renewed it. I also took out two more DVD’s and picked up a book I had on hold. Then, I used the computers for two hours. So, the trip was worth it and, as I say, nothing really happens by accident. I went there in a confused state of mind, but I was meant to be there.

I was reading the comments Pegi made on my story, as soon as I picked it up. She likes my pigeon character and the story, but she did have some constructive criticisms. I am already thinking about how to make use of them. She even suggested that I could write more stories with the same character, but I want to get this one ready to submit to a publisher first and hopefully one of them will like it as well as she does and my career with be launched.


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