June 1, 2010

It’s Neve Too Late!

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I did not put in a few other things about my experience with the Apostolic church yesterday.  This morning I felt that it was good that I didn’t, because I did not plan to go out and I didn’t know if I would have anything to share.  So, let me tell you more about that church.  After the service, they served a chicken dinner, which they do every Sunday, and there was no charge.  The pastor had told me about that and invited me to come when I would see him out in the neighborhood, raking leaves in autumn, sweeping the parking lot, or doing other things most churches hire people for.  I stayed for the dinner and it was a big enough portion to satisfy me even though there was a pretty large crowd of people.
Every two weeks the church holds an afternoon service and yesterday was one of those.  At the 3:30 PM service their children’s choir was doing their first concert.  I really enjoy watching children sing, so I was glad to stay for that.  The choir has an excellent director.  They did an old hymn acapella and the kids held the notes and stopped together exactly where they were supposed to, and I heard how she did not put up with any foolishness from them.  They only did one song that way, the rest was to electronic piano and contemporary music.  They also had some young girls do a praise dance.
Today, as I said, I did not go out.  I worked on more of my latest version of the story about the three girls.  At 6:00 PM the church was having a prayer circle.  I went over and talked to another lady while we waited for the pastor to come and open the church.  I had expected that we would form a circle and pray together, but the other lady began to clean up from yesterday and told me I could go up.  When I went into the sanctuary, the "First Lady", as they call the pastor’s wife, was kneeling at the platform praying.  I sat in a pew.  Another couple came in later and stayed in the back.  The pastor prayed as he walked around picking up garbage, one man walked around with his one year old son and prayed as they walked together.  Everyone was praying in their own way, alone.  But, we did join in a circle and pastor had the man, with the boy, pray to dismiss us.  Wednesday there is a Bible study at noon and 7:00 PM.  I want to go to the noon one. 

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