May 31, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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I did not go to my church today. I was having computer and printer problems I was trying to fix and it got too late for me to make the first service I usually attend, and then too late to get to the second service too. I had been intending to visit he Apostolic Church across the street for the longest time, since the congregation moved into the old Methodist church building, and someone said that was four years ago. It does not feel that long. Anyway, I decided today I would go there.

I went to Sunday school first. I was not used to three classes, a woman’s, a men’s and a youth class meeting in the sanctuary and it was noisier than I would have liked, but I was able to hear the woman leading the lesson. I had not been in Sunday school since leaving the Baptist church and it was nice to be in one again.

After Sunday school I stayed for the service. I had little experience with Pentecostal churches and none with Apostolic churches except when I heard the pastor preach at tent meetings in the summer at their revival. I used to be skeptical of such emotional goings on, the shouting, waving of arms, dancing in the aisles, speaking in languages that sound like gibberish and our church always warned against excessive emotionalism. I was always curious about it whenever I was around people who worshiped that way tough and I often wondered what they had that I didn’t. They seemed to really be enjoying praising God more than anyone in my church ever did.

There was a big cheer when one lady came into church, so I could tell it had been some time since she had been there and they had been praying for her. In testimony time I found out that she had cancer and had been rushed to the hospital last week. They were going to do an operation on her, but did not think she was going to survive. She refused the operation and when they had done all they could for her and removed life support equipment, she recovered through prayer of hers and others and was well enough to come to church today.

The pastor gave a very inspiring sermon about not limiting God. We measure ourselves by our own standards and make all kinds of excuses for not being able to do what God calls on us to do. But God can do so much more than we let Him. This was a very meaningful subject for me because God had revealed to me many years ago that my life was full of excuses and there were words He did not want me to use anymore.

With that inspiration, the note in the bulletin that said to visitors that they were there because God’s Spirit drew them there and it was not by accident, and the fact that the pastor has a real passion to help the people in the neighborhood and I would like to too, I felt like God is telling me that He wants me to change churches. I can be a lot more useful to Him here, than going out to the East Side, where I feel I don’t really belong because I am not from that community. It was good at first, but even Pastor Zaki says God will move us around when and where He can best use us and bring different people into our lives. I grew a lot in the time I have been at East Side United Methodist, but I think it is time for me to do more than I can there

I already told the pastor at Labor of Love that I think God may be telling me to join them and he assured me that he would be glad to have me and could find work for me to do. He did tell me to pray about it though.


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